Fatal Shooting of Michigan Security Guard Raises Questions About Protection for Security Guards

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Family Dollar Calvin Munerlyn

After a Flint, Michigan Family Dollar security guard was shot and killed this past Friday, it became more obvious the need for PPE equipment and protection is needed for security guards on a nationwide level.

On Friday, May 1, Sharmel Teague attempted to enter the Family Dollar across 5th Avenue from the University of Michigan-Flint’s William S. White building with her daughter. Teague was wearing a protective mask, but her daughter was not.

Security guard Calvin Munerlyn denied Teague’s daughter entry into the store, thus denying Teague service. Following this action, the 43-year old father and security guard was fatally wounded by a shotgun to the head.

Ramonyea Bishop, Larry Teague and Sharmel Teague have been charged with first-degree premeditated murder.

According to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s extended stay-at-home order, which was issued on April 27, businesses were allowed to refuse service to those customers not wearing masks that would protect them from COVID-19.

The accused felt that Munerlyn had “disrespected” her by not allowing them entry into the store for not wearing a mask.

After Munerlyn refused Teague entry into the store, the two adults got into a verbal alternation and Sharmel Teague left the store in anger.  About 20 minutes later, the store surveillance video shows her returning to the store with Bishop and Larry Teague. Bishop shot Munerlyn in the back of the head. The father of eight children was later pronounced dead at Hurley Medical Center.

“Any death is sad. It is especially sad to see a security guard to be mindlessly gunned down while trying to protect the public,” Covey Security founder Tucker Quayle said. “The women and men who work in the security industry are often overlooked while performing their duties on the front lines of this pandemic. Guards perform a critical function in keeping locations secure and maintaining order. The dangers that they face are great, yet they proudly wear the uniform and perform their duties. More needs to be done to protect security guards while they are performing critical duties during this time.”

The shooting is only a part of the bitter battle between those opposed to the state’s strict stay-home order. At least two protests have broken out at the Michigan state capitol. In fact, Thursday, April 30, 2020, President Trump tweeted that the Governor should “give a little” as Michigan residents simply “want their lives back.”

While there are no criminal penalties attached to Governor Whitmer’s stay-at-home and mask orders, state officials have been strongly encouraging customers to wear masks in public spaces. More than 4,100 Michigan residents have died and the state has nearly 44,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, as of May 7.

Munerlyn’s tragic death has raised awareness that more security and specific safety measures are needed for security guards themselves. Had Munerlyn had sufficient protection, the altercation may not have turned violent and Munerlyn’s life could have been spared.

In 2009, our founder, Tucker Quayle, was looking to establish a business in Arizona. He founded Covey Security to create a company that meets a market need in the security marketplace. The Covey Security model is one where security and safety are blended to create a unique service model better suited to today’s challenges.

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