Our Process

At Covey Security your needs are our priorities. We tailor our service to your particular needs and circumstances. We know that one size will not fit all.

We Start with YOUR Needs…

Security should never be a cookie-cutter operation and yet that seems to be the industry norm. At Covey Security, we will tailor make the services we provide for you. We want to understand your particular goals and desires in having a security force on your property. We get to understand through listening to you and also talks with tenants and employees to get a better sense of some of the issues that we may help. Once we have a grasp on the current situation we will work with you on a working plan.

While we make a plan for the current environment we know that situations change and we need to be consistently verifying that the plans are working and assessing situations as they arise. The target is always focused on your specific needs at any given time. Covey Security will be with you as you grow and your needs change.


We Implement YOUR Strategy

Our Operational Plan is based completely on your needs. This allows us the flexibility that the larger national corporate security companies lack.

When we work with you we will take a systematic approach in developing your customized safety & security plan.

At Covey Security we know that what works today might not give the same results tomorrow. We are in a fast paced environment where things are changing constantly. To stay abreast of your needs we need to have good lines of communications with you. This is not something that just happens haphazardly or when we feel like picking up the phone. Communication is a deliberate part of the service we provide.

Covey Security's 3-C's

Unfortunately, most security companies only do it one way, Covey Security will tailor our services to meet your individual needs. Whether it is implementing Key Performance Indicators or rolling out technical solutions, Covey Security will work side-by-side with you to make sure you are getting the security you want.


Covey Security prides itself on finding and training competent security personnel to provide superior service to your property. We constantly stay abreast with the latest trends in our industry and make sure that we are bringing value-added services to your property. In addition to guard services, we have security training programs and security consulting, including risk assessments, that we can provide.


Communication is the greatest tool that we use in providing our services. We know that our security officers are your eyes and ears to what is happening around your property. As your security provider we will be in consistent communication with you about what we are seeing and your unique security needs.


Our officers are trained to be conscientious in their duties. They are to remain active and respect the properties that they have been assigned to protest. Customer service is a priority for Covey Security.