Covey Security Introduces New Operations Manager

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Blake GarciaCovey Security is pleased to announce the addition of Blake Garcia to their team as the company’s new Operations Manager.

Blake Garcia is a graduate from the prestigious School of Police Staff and Command at Northwestern University as well as a graduate from Lewis University, with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He began his career in law enforcement in 2007 with the Berkeley Police Department shortly after he graduated from the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Academy. During his time in the department, Garcia has served in various roles, such as patrol officer and director of the neighborhood watch program. Through his hard work, drive and passion, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and ultimately took up responsibilities as Commander.

Covey Security states that Garcia is known for placing a heavy emphasis on initiative, innovation and efficiency. He was the driving force behind many programs that led to the improvement and modernization of the Berkeley Police Department that in turn helped bring them into the 21st century. In the field, Garcia implemented high speed Internet access for the officers, introduced digital radios and rolled out the use of up-to-date law enforcement software programs that served to increase efficiency and boost officer morale. In the station, Garcia revised outdated policies and procedures regarding employment background investigations, asset forfeiture management, body camera management, grant management, internal affairs investigations and more. He also served as the policies and procedures implementation manager.

Tucker Quayle, Founder of Covey Security, says, “As we continue to constantly improve and update our systems in order to provide our clients with the best in Phoenix security, Blake will certainly become a great asset to our dynamic team. We are proud to have him join our growing team at Covey Security. The company is looking forward to his contributions.”

Covey Security was founded in 2009 in order to serve an opening in the security marketplace. The Covey Security model is one where security and safety are combined to create a unique service model that is better suited to today’s challenges. Starting with a background in the business, Covey Security has grown to be a leading security provider in the state of Arizona that continues to scale up. Annual growth in the double digits has been achieved every year that Covey Security has been in business.

Quayle states, “At Covey Security, we consider it our job to provide our clients peace of mind. We strive to make the properties we serve a safe place to work and a secure place for your assets.” Covey Security’s staff take pride in being experts in safety and security. Notably, the company’s four-pillar philosophy sets them apart from their competitors: safety first, respect, proactive and dignity.

The officers at Covey Security are trained to look for a variety of safety issues, such as busted or turned-off lights, leaks or behavior that could lead to accidents or theft. They are also trained in deescalating dangerous situations. The company only hires and trains officers that will respect the company’s clients as well as the properties they serve. Through this culture of mutual respect, officers are trained to promote a safe environment for everyone. Covey Security also acknowledges that, in order to continue providing their excellent security services, their officers must remain proactive and one step ahead of any challenges they may face. The company asserts that multiple systems are in place that enable their officers to proactively perform their duties.

This philosophy starts from the very top of their organization and is also embodied in the officers that the company hires. In addition to rigorous and ongoing training for the officers, Covey Security takes a serious and comprehensive approach to the recruitment process. The company makes use of a lengthy application period that involves identity verification done through the Social Security E-Verify process, six-panel drug testing, reference checking, fingerprint checking and more.

Covey Security is dedicated to providing the best security services in Arizona. Those interested may find more information on the company’s website. Interested parties may also connect with Covey Security via their preferred social media platforms to keep abreast of their latest news and important announcements.

In 2009, our founder, Tucker Quayle, was looking to establish a business in Arizona. He founded Covey Security to create a company that meets a market need in the security marketplace. The Covey Security model is one where security and safety are blended to create a unique service model better suited to today’s challenges.

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