Scottsdale Security Services

With increasing crime and vagrancy issues, professional security services are the need for this time. From local hospitals to businesses and retail stores, Covey Security specializes in providing high-end security services in Scottsdale for residential and commercial properties.

Scottsdale is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Arizona. The city is known for high-end resorts, historical sites, trails, nightclubs, and picturesque views. And Covey Security is playing its role in making the city safe for everyone!

How We Can Help You

Crime Prevention

Scottsdale is quite a peaceful place. But theft, robbery, and burglary ruin the peace of this beautiful city. When it comes to these crimes, shopping malls, business events, and community gatherings are most at risk. Whether you need protection for your home or business, we are here for you.

Our professional security guards can monitor the premises. You can rest assured that our team has vast experience in identifying and tackling potential threats.

Protecting Gated Communities

Scottsdale is the second most expensive city in Arizona and is home to many upscale gated communities. These communities have special security needs. At Covey Security, we are fully committed to meeting these unique safety needs for our valuable clients.

Our armed or unarmed security officers can monitor the entrance of your community. As a result, you need not worry about unauthorized people entering the premises. Moreover, our patrol team can also monitor the neighborhood to ensure you and your loved ones feel safe and comfortable at all times.

Keeping Businesses Secure

A myriad of businesses operate in Scottsdale such as salons, ceramic manufacturers, healthcare centers, and restaurants, to name a few. From small companies to large corporate offices, every business needs professional security services.

We aim to help you protect your business from external threats. Our security team offers access control services to reduce the risk of theft of precious office supplies. Moreover, we can monitor the workspace to ensure no intruders get their hands on your confidential business documents.

Covey Security is a trusted name in Arizona. We take pride in offering unmatched security services in Scottsdale. Our mission is to help in keeping businesses as well as residential neighborhoods safe and secure.

So, feel free to contact us anytime. We are here at your service!