Are You Getting The

Service You Deserve?

  • Do you have frequent communication with security management?
  • Does your provider answer your call or call you back immediately?
  • Is constant turnover an issue?
  • Is the caliber of your security staffing meeting your expectations?
  • Are Post Orders reviewed frequently and up to date?
  • Are officers treated fairly and with dignity?
  • Are there periodic management inspections at various points in a day?
  • Are officers properly equipped by their employer?
If you are answering “No” to many of these, you are not alone.

We have found that many security providers are not providing services at the highest level. Perhaps it is time for a change!

Are You a Potential Covey Security Client

Is Safety and Security a priority?

In some businesses, safety and security are looked upon as merely a cost center. We view safety and security as a cost prevention center. Having highly trained safety and security personnel onsite mitigates risk and keeps costs down. Our officers deter crime, assist in difficult situations and stop accidents before they happen.

Do you have high standards?

Covey Security is a high standard service provider. We are selective in our hiring process because we put a lot of time and effort in training. Our clients are always impressed with how we over deliver in the services we provide. We never want to be just “Good enough”. We strive to be the best.

Do you respect people?

We run a people business. Our job is to find, train and deploy men and women that will deliver a high standard service. We will not put our most valued asset, our people, in an environment where they are not respected. Period.

Do you want value?

Covey Security is not a low bid security provider. Companies that are looking for the lowest cost have no concept of value and clearly do not take safety and security as a priority. We deliver a high standard service at a competitive price. We are the best value for the service we provide.

Are you a team player?

The name Covey Security is for a covey of birds. This is a secure family like environment that we are trying to give to you. In order for this to work successfully we need to be a part of your team. We will work with you and your people to make your property safe and secure.

Covey Security offers a variety of tailored physical security programs to suit your needs.

Security Guard Services

  • Access control, gate entry
  • Interior and exterior
    monitoring and patrol
  • Dispatch
  • Fire watch
  • Facility inspections
  • Loss prevention
  • Events
  • Security escorts
  • Concierge
  • Parking enforcement
  • Lock-up services

Armed as well as Unarmed

  • Firearms
  • Taser
  • Batons
  • Pepper spray
  • Restraints

Other Services

  • Risk assessments
  • Workplace violence Seminars
  • Active shooter Workshops
  • Counter-surveillance Training
  • Online training
Armed & Unarmed

Covey Security is licensed to provide both armed and unarmed security services in the state of Arizona.

We are fully insured to handle either armed or unarmed work. The use of armed or unarmed personnel is dependent on the results our clients are looking for.

Yuma Security Services

Professional Patrol Service

Having a professional patrol service is a way for properties that want a security presence but don’t need full-time security coverage. Let Covey Security provide the professional attention you need.

Is your property affected by any of the following?

Loitering and Trespassing
Transient Foot Traffic

Illegal Dumping
Parking Violations
Community Violations

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Features of our service include:

Incident Management
Event/Activity Reporting
Post Order Management & Tracking

Parking Violations
Geolocation Logbook
Real-time Communication