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How Best to Protect Your Home or Business

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With more and more focus on online security, people often make the mistake of neglecting the physical security of their homes and businesses. The negligence towards physical safety further underlines just how vulnerable homes and businesses are to threats such as theft, vandalism, intrusion, and more.

Statistics demonstrate a rise in the crime rate, which makes it even more necessary for people to pay attention to making their home and business premises safe and secure. This holds true even for those households that are already well-equipped with security systems and solutions.

How private security keeps homes safe?
Each security firm has its own methodology to protect residential properties. Usually, firms provide the supervision of security personnel and top-of-the-line security and surveillance systems. In some cases, an amalgamation of both monitoring by security personnel and video surveillance is provided to homeowners.

  • Private security firm would be in charge of monitoring the footage of the video surveillance so that you can rest assured that no one is trying to break into your home, and damage or vandalize your property.
  • Security firms provide the services of private security personnel, which is an even more potent and effective way of deterring crime. Trained security guards are professionals who are in charge of keeping a watchful eye on your premises so that any intrusion could be avoided altogether.
  • Homeowners can engage the services of security personnel, both on and off-site. They get access to 24/7 protection from threats such as burglaries and property damage, especially during the night time when everyone is asleep.
  • Security personnel are trained to recognize potential threats, hazards, and risks. This helps homeowners to prepare in advance and fix vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious actors.
  • Security personnel can also arrest a person, if they happen to trespass and enter your property. It is considered private arrest, and the custody of the arrested person is then transferred to the police.

How private security keeps businesses safe?
Similar to how private security secures homes, it is also effective in securing the physical assets and premises of a business. By hiring a professional private security company a business gets many benefits:

  • Businesses get 24/7 protection of their assets against trespassing, theft, vandalism, and other such threats from malicious actors.
  • For businesses, it is critical to have security, particularly during the opening hours. However, there is also a need for security outside the work hours. This is where private security becomes crucial.
  • Fully trained and experienced security guards will not only keep your assets secure but will also prevent any potential threats from endangering your business, physically.
  • Through constant supervision of your premises, private security deftly prevents crimes such as theft and vandalism from happening outside of work hours.
  • Security personnel are trained to professionally handle security issues. Hence, any unlawful invasions or crimes within your business premises would be deftly and swiftly handled by private security personnel.
  • Businesses can also expect basic customer services from security personnel. Hence, services such as escorting clients to the parking lot during nighttime or providing guidance and assistance regarding directions etc. are also provided by security guards.

When it comes to round the clock protection of your home and business, there is no better alternative than private security firms. Hire an experienced and reliable firm and rest assured, the security of your home and business will be in safe hands.

In 2009, our founder, Tucker Quayle, was looking to establish a business in Arizona. He founded Covey Security to create a company that meets a market need in the security marketplace. The Covey Security model is one where security and safety are blended to create a unique service model better suited to today’s challenges.

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