Can Robots Really Replace People For Your Security Needs?

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Robot Security

In the field of security, the robot cannot completely replace the human element, but it can help to enhance security and discover risks that the people cannot typically do alone.

Robot technologies are used in various security fields to preserve human lives and not expose them to dangers. While they won’t entirely replace humans, robots can be the first line of defense in facing any security threat. They can be used to carry out exploration, search and rescue, firefighting, and assist in various other high-risk situations.

Robots were created to serve people. One important application for a robot is to protect people from crime and dangerous places through technologies that enable the identification of the surroundings and inform personnel about them. Robots can also be used to detect explosive materials and further, securely detonate them. They can also be used to examine and detect explosive materials inside vehicles or confined spaces, through which modern technologies can be used in imaging, detecting machines, and removing explosives without exposing people to risks.

Why can’t security guards be replaced by robots?
The answer is simple, the capabilities are still limited. A robot has to deal with restrictions in terms of its functionality. That is, it can only function in the way that it was initially designed to work. As such, if there is a task that needs to be completed, but the robot has not been programmed to perform a said task, then it will be unable to complete it. Also, robot security guards are unable to make judgment calls independently. They cannot adapt or reason according to different scenarios or circumstances, which can lead to dire consequences. And of course, some simpler logistical barriers, they can’t yet swiftly climb stairs or operate elevators. While they are good at detecting anomalies, when it comes to fixing a problem, you still need real people

The responsibility of security guards.
The security guard has two main goals while on the job, which is the personal safety of people and the protection of the facility. Having security guards acts as a deterrent to those who are looking to cause harm and gives a sense of reassurance to those that he is protecting. A robot or sophisticated camera system does not really provide either and is treated more as a puzzle to solve than an actual deterrent. Robots cannot connect with the people they’re protecting on a personal level nor can they adjust to dynamic situations. Ultimately, nothing beats the intuition and empathy used by a living, breathing person.

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