How Coronavirus Is Affecting Security

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coronavirus security

Covey Security is proud of the men and women who work for us. Many of our officers are serving on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic at hospitals, grocery stores and distribution centers. Their work is helping in maintaining order and the delivery of needed goods and services to our communities. We should not overlook the valued service that they provide. We certainly do not.

The lockdowns and stay-in-place declarations of many states and municipalities has been a need for the overall health and safety of our communities. Unfortunately, criminals don’t uphold the law and are taking advantage of the lowered oversight. Increases of petty theft have increased as buildings are largely vacant, and properties left unprotected. Let us know if you would need Covey Security for patrol services to help in deterring these incidents.

Security officers are often overlooked when we think of first responders. At Covey Security we know that our officers are often at the frontline in battling the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it is security in hospitals, grocery stores or distribution centers, our officers are tirelessly working to keep our communities safe. We thank all the men and women who are working in these facilities. Their efforts will let us get through this together.

When no one is looking, criminals get emboldened. While most of our country is largely staying in place, criminals see it as an opportunity. We have seen an uptick in petty crimes. Let Covey Security talk to you and help you evaluate what mix of security would be best for your property. We have highly-trained security professionals that can tailor a plan for your specific needs.

Social distancing is difficult when you are performing physical security. At Covey Security, we take the coronavirus seriously and have instituted revised procedures at the properties we protect in order to safeguard our officers. They are providing a critical service to our communities and keeping them healthy is our priority.

The security industry continues to grow during this difficult time. We are seeing an increased need for security services in the healthcare spaces and at grocery retailers. If you would like to make a positive difference in helping combat this invisible enemy, let us know at Covey Security. We continue to look for quality officers to fill critical roles.

Are you looking for a change in careers? Working in the security field is a great opportunity and typically thrives when times get tough. Security officers play a vital role in our communities and keep them safe. Reach out to Covey Security and see if this could be a fit for you.

In the state of Arizona, security officers are required to be licensed by the Department of Public Safety. Part of the requirement is an approved 8-hour course by a qualified instructor. Sign-up to take one of the Covey Security classes so that you can join this growing industry.

In 2009, our founder, Tucker Quayle, was looking to establish a business in Arizona. He founded Covey Security to create a company that meets a market need in the security marketplace. The Covey Security model is one where security and safety are blended to create a unique service model better suited to today’s challenges.

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